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I live in central Kentucky out in the country, on the side of a hill going down to a river. My daughter and I live by the garden of my story, Gnome Harvest.

I work professionally as a web developer. I have developed multiple websites and have written on technical topics related to web design. Gnome Harvest was my first attempt at a fiction novel.

I've always written off and on, and in the nineties I was involved in the international mail art scene, originating and published the Global Mail newsletter for five years. During this time, I also published multiple zines, and contributed writings to other zines. I have an MFA but not in writing, in the visual arts.

I love to combine internal and external conflicts in my character driven stories. I enjoy writing fantasy because it sets me free to create my own universe and characters, apart from how they might appear in nature.

I do hope the middle school classroom uses my writings one day. I try to incorporate multiple obvious themes in my work for dissection by young readers. My first work of fiction, Gnome Harvest, makes ample use of fables and fairytales within the story. Rosetta Gnome uses the Sun Tzu Art of War philosophy along with bits from Alice in Wonderland. Gnome Council includes aphorisms from the yoga sutras.

I belong to the Eagle Creek Writers' Group in Lexington, KY and the Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.

You can reach me at parker.owens@gmail.com.


the evil seed is ever near
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